Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Another Gigantic Obama Spending Frenzy

The Obama socialist spending machine gathers steam. Is there no limit to what the Democrats will spend to try to redeem insane lending practices involving people who had no business getting home loans in the first place? Can a person go bankrupt or can a business fail anymore in America? Are we just going to keep accumulating economic sludge under our fenders until the entire capitalist machine simply doesn't roll anymore? Far be it from me to give anyone an opportunity to label justifiable outrage at what is going on as Ayn Rand Objectivism, because that route is heartless, artless, and a faux economic "philosophy". But it is not crazy to wonder what is going to happen when the grownups who actually CREATE wealth in this country -- through moderate living, responsibility, and tenacity -- say, "What am I busting my ass for?"

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Santelli's Chicago Tea Party here:

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