Friday, February 20, 2009

Obama's America is "A Nation of Cowards"

It just keeps getting funnier. Now Obama's Attorney General is calling us a "Nation of Cowards" because "the level of social interaction among people of different races is bleak and that it in many ways does not differ significantly from the country that existed some 50 years ago." So says the first black Attorney General, appointed by the first black President. As annoying as the Examiner is (they keep throwing their free papers on my lawn, even after I asked them nicely to stop), they got off a pretty good line in response yesterday:
"This is the same Holder who kowtowed to Bill Clinton to help secure Clinton’s pardon of fugitive financier Marc Rich. And the same Holder who prostrated himself to Hillary Clinton’s political ambitions by helping arrange pardons for 16 Puerto Rican terrorists."
Heh! But seriously folks, is a race baiter at Justice qualitatively any different from a tax cheat at Treasury?

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Mike Marsh said...

And to think some people actually wondered what the late-night comedy shows would cover now. Give a politician time and he'll give you comedy gold. I thought, and still think, that Obama could be a decent President on balance, but I'm not, you know, stupid.

With the Examiner, how did you request for them to stop? I submitted a web form, which was ignored. I sent email to the appropriate contact address, which was ignored. Finally, I called their circulation desk, and the papers stopped. The other methods don't go to the Examiner itself, but to its distributor. Honoring a no-delivery request is more work for them, with little or no liability, so they don't care. Having their client complain gets their attention.

And if that doesn't work, write a letter to the editor, and tell them that you're also sending it to the Baltimore Sun or the Washington Post.

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