Thursday, February 19, 2009

"Abort Obama, Not the Unborn"

Un-f***ing-believable. In Obama's America, if you dare to question Groupthink(TM), you will be investigated. And if Big Brother says you're guilty, then by God YOU ARE GUILTY!!! And if he says you're not... well, we'll still be keeping an eye on you.

Here's what some others who obviously haven't gotten with the program either think...(link)


Mike Marsh said...

The officer clearly over-reacted to what he interpreted as a threat to the President (and not unprecedented from the fringes of anti-abortion activism). Once he'd filled out the paperwork for confiscating the sign (as required), the Secret Service coming in to question the guy was probably mandatory. The same thing happens when someone dials 911 accidentally and hangs up, and it's generally a reasonable precaution.

And on the flip side, our wonderful state under the previous governor kept tabs (with the help of DHS) on pacifist groups.

I think what it boils down to is that there are jerks of every persuasion.

Mike Marsh said...

By the by, why no comments feed?

raluke said...

Hi Mike, always good to hear from you. There's one problem in your logic, however: there isn't any (legal) paperwork for confiscating a sign. Because in America there is no provision for confiscating signs. Our constitutionally guaranteed freedom of speech means that goons can't come and (legally) confiscate your sign. They can put up their own signs, they just can't (legally) take yours. Also, it's a mistake to associate anti-abortion activism with illegal activity, not only because it isn't fair, but because they don't have anything to do with each other. For example, criminals live in Maryland. We live in Maryland. It would be both unfair and spurious to associate the two of us with criminals who live in Maryland.

raluke said...

Re: comments feed. You're right, I have to figure out how to enable that. The original posts are going out but not the comments. :-( Lemme get back to you.

Mike Marsh said...

I would assume that a police officer confiscating private property has to fill out some sort of paperwork. That'd be a pretty big deal if it weren't so, since the ability to audit police actions is crucial for a free society. Moreover, the officer had to pull the motorist over, which itself must involve *some* kind of record-keeping.

While I agree that most anti-abortion activism is perfectly legal and peaceful, there are elements of the movement that advocate killing doctors who provide abortions (including publishing lists of their names and home addresses), firebombing clinics, and so on. It's a fringe, but it's there. There are violent and criminal fringes on the Left, as well, so I'm not singling the Right out specifically as a source of violent activism, merely pointing out that a sign suggesting "aborting" the President could be construed as a threat.

raluke said...

This is a tangent to the previous comments. I found a link to a blog post that essentially rehashes the video I linked to yesterday:
The interesting part is at the bottom of the post, which displays a gallery of equally "threatening" material about then-President Bush. I have also since remembered the 2006 Bush "assasination" film and the ever-precious Sarah Vowell and her 2005 book "Assassination Vacation", which was a *very* thinly disguised allusion to the President.

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