Monday, October 04, 2004

Catholic Polling May Be Trending to Bush

Based on a sample space of two, the Washington Times is reporting that two different recent polls are showing that President Bush is being solidly supported by Catholics. The Pew Research Center is showing that Methodist Bush is beating "Catholic" Kerry by a margin of 49% to 39%. Another poll, conducted by some evangelical Christian polling firm I never heard of, is giving Bush the lead by 53% to 39%. Nevertheless I find this reassuring. Kerry opposes Church doctrine on abortion, stem cell research, and homosexual "marriage" and still has the gall to call himself a practicing Catholic. President Bush is considerably to the right of those appearing to have the upper hand within the Methodist Church. Heck, give us President Bush, the Methodists can have Kerry (please!). EWTN, which has developed highly effective Catholic television, radio, and a web site services, and which is definitely loyal to the Pope and the Magisterium, has an interesting page of links to information for Catholic voters who are trying to decide what the right thing to do might be.

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