Monday, October 25, 2004

Kerry Runs Against His Religion

The Catholic League put out a news release today about John Kerry's self-professed "Catholicism". Maybe I'm beating a dead horse, but if John Kerry were not calling himself a Catholic, it's hard to believe that anyone else would either.


lauren t.e. zemer said...

You may criticize Kerry for not desiring to legislate his article of faith to the American people... but Bush is a man who claims morals yet kills innocent soldiers for a war which is questionable. Perhaps Kerry does not stick to his true "catholic-choose-life background”... but do you really want a politician legislating his article of faith to/on you? Would you want a Muslim to tell you what belief system to have? I certainly would not. If America is free- than let it be. The government should not dictate our morals. Morals are personal beliefs-- so let them be personal... and not governmental.

raluke said...

Hi! I am so happy that someone saw my blog! Please feel free to come back and post as often as you like.

In response to your observations, I think every system of laws is a legislation of morality. For example, murder is morally wrong and that's why it was outlawed. It is morally wrong to put psychedelic drugs into the water supply and that is why *it* was outlawed. We (society) must decide over time on the basic set of laws. This necessarily implies that society must come to some agreement on what we, collectively, view as right and wrong. Catholic doctrine provides a definition of morality that, after two millenia of theological and philosophical wrangling, appears to be pretty good. Not perfect, of course, and the doctrinal debate will never finish.

Abortion and stem cell research are questions that aren't going to go away any time soon. I know people I respect on both sides of the issue. My own opinion is that the oppression of women through the childbearing function has unquestionably occurred throughout history and should be condemned and stopped. But if one believes that a fetus is a human baby, should the termination of the life of that baby be a partial repayment for that oppression? There has to be a better way to ensure that women are treated as human beings with equal rights.

If this were an easy thing to decide, it would have been decided a long time ago. It is my own opinion, as an American voter, that John Kerry is disingenuous in his profession of faith. George W. Bush may or may not be simplistic in his outlook but I could not agree that he is disingenous.

lauren t.e. zemer said...

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