Friday, October 08, 2004

Bush Wins Second Debate

The President stated his case much better than he did in the first debate. He obviously practiced this time. Too bad he didn't last time or he might have preserved his lead in the polls. Polls being announced up to the beginning of the second debate had the race tied, but Bush has been sliding all week and no one really knows if that would have stopped at the tie or would have continued to slip. If my political instincts are worth anything, he should at least stop the slide... IF anybody was watching! Why was this debate held on a Friday night? Perfect for homebodies like me but most people are busy Friday nights.

One of the pundits after the debate pointed out that Bush was following a strategy of de-emphasizing "flip-flopping" - reasoning that most of the useful mileage has already been obtained from it - and now emphasizing the "L"-word: "liberal". What I didn't hear anybody point out is how Kerry didn't seem ready for it. I have nothing concrete at which to point, but he didn't seem to effectively reply to the twice-made charge that Kerry is "the most liberal member of the Senate". Hmmm.

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