Monday, July 05, 2004

Human Life Apparently Begins at Conception

Brace yourself for another flip-flop, er, nuanced opinion from the best the Democrat party has to offer. John Kerry now says that life begins at conception but doesn't want to legislate his "Catholic" religious beliefs for Protestant and Jewish Americans. Never mind that evangelical Protestant Christians are one of the two most visible components of the Pro-Life political movement. In any event, this is why he's voted against the ban on partial birth abortion, expressed support for research using new lines of embryonic stem cells, and opposes bans on even third trimester abortions? Sonograms that everyone can see for themselves be damned. Besides, sophisticated thinkers such as John Kerry who hold nuanced opinions on topics of such importance would never call them "partial birth abortions". They're "dilations and extractions", thank you very much.

The point is that John Kerry must now believe that something wrong is going on when an abortion at any point in the pregnancy occurs. An obvious question is, why doesn't the Senator from Massachusetts step up immediately and do something to put a stop to it?

Let's extrapolate the logic and apply it to a historical situation back in, say, the 1850s. Using John Kerry's way of thinking, famous abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison was actually WRONG for having forcefully advocated the immediate emancipation of the slaves held in the southern United States at the time. Harriet Beecher Stowe was an irresponsible war monger for writing Uncle Tom's Cabin and unnecessarily inflaming abolitionist sentiment in the northern United States. How could it be otherwise when she was skewering an institution self-righteously held by the political aristocracy of the antebellum South to be irrelevant to the debate on the nature of decent human society. After all, they were talking about subhumans, each of whom was only three-fifths of a person.

It's lucky we have Senator Kerry of Massachusetts to help us sort out the morality of the everlasting abortion debate. I'm sure denying the humanity of a third trimester fetus and a refusal to call that fetus a baby is nothing like considering a human being to be three-fifths of a person. I'm sure all analogies like these are facile and simplistic and simply unrelated. Thank goodness for great men like John Kerry.

Why doesn't John Kerry lead, instead of following the winds of the Democrat party political and intellectual aristocracy like NARAL and Emily's List? I think you know the reason why.

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