Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Bishop Fulton Sheen Audio Files

If you like watching Bishop Fulton Sheen's television shows on EWTN, there's a fan web site which has about fifty of his shows in MP3 format. You can download them and either listen to them right away on your computer or you can burn them to CD-R disks and listen to them on a CD player. I am not old enough to remember his show on television but maybe you are. After watching his show on EWTN on Friday nights it is easy to see why he was popular. He was a compelling speaker and had things of worth to say; he was also a bit of showman. Based on the shows I've seen so far, he seems to always begin with an anecdote and then seques to an extended monologue that lasts twenty minutes or so. It seems easy to tell when he begins moving toward the conclusion of his talk by noticing his voice as it begins its long and dramatic crescendo.

Bishop Sheen died in 1979 and lived long enough to see the first year of the pontificate of Pope John Paul II.

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