Thursday, July 29, 2004

A 12-Minute History of John Kerry and Iraq

The Republican National Committee has produced a video history of John Kerry's statements and votes in the Senate concerning Iraq since before the Gulf War of 1991. He is shown to have spoken plainly and repeatedly but is also shown to have drastically changed his mind on the subject on two important occasions: during the aftermath of the first Gulf War and at the peak of the Howard Dean Presidential campaign in Iowa and New Hampshire.

It covers his views expressed during the years-long national debate on the overthrow of Saddam Hussein and on specific U.S. military and diplomatic actions actually taken against that regime.

The piece is unfortunately marred slightly by the inclusion of a few seconds of the "Flipper" TV show music theme but if the viewer can look past that, the piece is a worthwhile account of what Senator Kerry has said and how he has acted. You should be concerned about this and I urge you to view it. It'll probably take a broadband connection to view satisfactorily, but if you're on dial-up you might as well try it.

It can be viewed by going to the RNC site and clicking on the "Top Story". It is available for both Windows Media Player and Real Player.

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