Sunday, December 19, 2004

Website of the Hour: Arts & Letters Daily

Arts & Letters Daily is one of my favorite web sites. Originally associated with the late great Lingua Franca and now with the Chronicle of Higher Education, it is run by Denis Dutton down in New Zealand. It is a wonderful site consisting of many links to interesting recent articles posted on-line, web sites for the world's most important newspapers, magazines, book reviews, columnists, and on-line radio news and music. Being the son of two English teachers, it appealed to me right away. I simply love it. Geared to appeal to liberals arts types it is, ironically, infinitesimally right-of-center. But that may be an incorrect impression on my part: it has no overt opinions posted and I only think I can detect this slight editorial tendency. I am little more certain that it is US-centric in outlook. Okay, I can't tell any such thing, but this is how I would like to imagine it being. Don't spoil my fun.

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