Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Writing this from Fedora Linux!

I'm posting this entry from my new Fedora Linux Core 2 installation. If you've ever been tempted to check Linux out, you've got a couple of first-class - and free - solutions available to you right now: Fedora Linux Core 2 and Mandrake Linux 10. Both are free for the downloading and both have the latest and fastest Linux software. If you're going to download, I recommend using BitTorrent and if you'd just like to skip that and buy these inexpensively, take a look at CheapBytes.com. In the case of Mandrake, once you decide you like it and are going to use it, it's probably best to buy it in the stores or go to their website and join their club. Mandrake just emerged from the French-equivalent of Chapter 11 and need the boost.

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