Monday, January 03, 2005

Slashdot Troll on the Macintosh Zeitgeist

Okay, here's one of the funnier trolls I've found on Slashdot. Ya gotta be a computer geek to enjoy this one and, if you're a Mac user, ya gotta have a thick skin. It was posted on a thread about a rumored new office suite to be released for Mac OS X and is a hilarious caricature of the Mac zealot. Here's the first paragraph...

"Oh no, here come the proles. The tasteless rabble. The masses who see nothing past the price tag. Of course you can’t blame them if their trust funds aren’t large enough to provide them with life’s very finest—they wouldn’t appreciate it anyways—but surely Apple should know better than to serve the poor peasants la crème de la vie on the discount rack at Sears..."

Here's a link to the rest of the post and some of the responses it got. One of the great things about Slashdot, besides being a perpetually interesting web site, is that anonymous posting is possible and that has led to some really good trolls over the years. Some of them, like the subject of this post, are even sufficiently inoffensive to be discussed in polite company.

Finally, I would point out that I lust after the iMac G5 that was introduced a few months ago. Too bad my current desktop and laptop show no signs of giving up the ghost (knock on wood).

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