Saturday, February 20, 2010

Disjointed But Recurring Thoughts, Version 20100220

  1. I purchased 200 GB of space from Google a few weeks ago (currently $50/year) and am in the process of moving all my genealogy-related photos and videos to Picasa.  I already use Google Docs for my genealogy research.  Google keeps multiple copies at multiple locations all over the world and, it seems to me, that this is the closest I can currently come to having my genealogy work always available -- now and in the future.  Google also appears to be locating their data centers worldwide near hydroelectric power sources, so if global warming is of concern to you, I've got that covered too.  I can look this up to verify if anyone is sufficiently skeptical but I'm pretty sure I remember reading this some place.  Also, the word "immortality" keeps running through my head because the profit motive seems to be the best way of making sure my genealogy work survives indefinitely.
  2. Thoughts about the eBook reader on the upcoming Apple iPad versus my Amazon Kindle:  The Apple bookstore, presumably integrated with iTunes, will start out with a selection of about 10,000 books.  Amazon's eBook selection is currently a little less than 450,000 books.  It's going to take a lot to get me to switch but the next few years will be interesting.
  3. I hope that eBooks will eventually have DRM removed, just as DRM was removed from iTunes audio files.  If that happens, I'll keep my expanding library backed up using my worldwide, infinite future (?) Google account.
  4. I love Google.

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