Saturday, June 27, 2009

George Bush Wasn't So Dumb

Let's see: North Korea continues to go nuts, even on Obama's watch; Iran continues to be run by gangsters, even on Obama's watch; Obama now wants to hold terrorists indefinitely, and ... just what the heck WERE you paying attention to for the past eight years, Mister President? Did it REALLY never occur to you and your entourage that maybe, just maybe, Dubya was smarter than you thought? And instead of cruising through "Reverend" Jeremiah Wright's "church" services, running for the Senate, running for President, having your oh-so-precious books ghostwritten -- while your predecessors were trying to right a world turned upside down on 9/11 -- maybe you should have been audaciously reading something besides The Nation and The Daily Kos, no?

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Interesting Blogs

I recently added an interesting blog to my overflowing Google Reader RSS list: Classical Bookworm. Looks like it is updated every few weeks or so but it just strikes me as a really, really neat blog, in much the same way A&L Daily is an interesting web site. I don't check in all the time, but I always find something neat when I do.

As a weirdly revealing aside, the photo in this blog post was taken from the Classical Bookworm and it appeals to something in me. For some reason I love to see photos of the home offices, reading spots, etc. of actual intellectuals whom I admire. The messier the better, maybe because then I don't feel so bad about the barely-controlled chaos of a nonintellectual that fills my home study, with the piles of papers sloping upward from the central location occupied by my iMac. Two of my favorites are Al Gore's office and Esther Dyson's. And yes, I do admire Al Gore, I just don't think too much of him, personally. If anybody else in the room (cue the "crickets chirping" mp3 file) knows of similar photos, I'd be grateful if you'd post 'em in the comments section.