Saturday, May 30, 2009

Google Adding Macros to Online Apps

Google is testing a significant new function in their online office apps. See here for a YouTube video. I've been writing/using/evolving MS Excel macros in Windows quite a bit lately and this feature in the Google spreadsheet apps will be interesting to try out. MS Office "macros" are actually VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) scripts and the Google spreadsheet version is Javascript. Parenthetically, I've been using the Google apps word processor quite a bit over the past year or so for my genealogy notebooks. I do have MS Office and on my home computer (Mac Excel doesn't haven't VBA, alas) but they're not getting much use. And, because I'm paranoid about backing up my work, I've been using a Greasemonkey script to periodically download my Google word processing docs to my home computer in both PDF and MS Office format.

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