Friday, December 19, 2008

Palin's Personal Baggage

Oh for crying out loud. The mother of the really cool 18-year-old twerp who knocked up Sarah Palin's really smart 17-year-old daughter has been arrested on drug charges. John McCain, whose campaign got a severe case of anemia after locking up the nomination, apparently also did a really shitty job vetting his "vice" presidential pick. It also missed the fun fact that Palin's really cool husband was a member of party filled, at least to some extent, by supporters of independence of Alaska from the United States! (But at least he won snow mobile races, right?) Pay no attention to my enthusiastic blog posts about Palin in the August-September time frame. One might be excused for proceeding on the not-unreasonable assumption that McCain was smart enough and wanted to actually be elected badly enough to do his frigging job! Do I sound pissed? We've been saddled with a leftist surrounded by crowds of awestruck socialists and other scary social policy creeps because John McCain pooped out and took a nap instead of running for president.

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