Monday, July 18, 2005

If the NY Times Had Covered Jesus of Nazareth

Another direct hit on the irresistibly swollen liberal/secular collective pomposities!

"CAESAREA PHILIPPI (20 Kislev) Yesterday's surprise announcement that doctrinal hard-liner Jesus of Nazareth had been anointed "Messiah" provoked mixed reactions in the diverse and sometimes fractious Israelite community, ranging from cautious disappointment to frank despair. I see it as a missed opportunity," said Herodias Scheisskopf, a Galilaean incest rights activist. "May of us were hoping for someone more open to leadership roles for the people with non-heteronormative urges. I don't feel valued..."

Read the whole thing. The piece seems to be running around the internet in various forms. The print edition of First Things magazine, which is where I first saw it, deliciously skewers the infamous NY Times editorial insertion "NYT copyeditors note: Need some quote from support".

I can't stop giggling!

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