Monday, July 04, 2005

CNN: Nuclear Energy Can Be The Answer

CNN posted a guest editorial by an MIT professor a few days ago on the subject of nuclear energy. He states that...

"Nuclear energy is uniquely suited to contribute to the growing energy challenge -- environmentally, economically and geo-politically. It produces no greenhouse gases, utilizes uranium fuel, which is abundant worldwide, and can contribute to hydrogen production..."

Nuclear power should be more widely considered than it is and I would like to believe that we're seeing the beginning stages of a common sense back-to-nuclear awareness among the policy makers in this country. As I've said before, pebble bed reactors are making a splash in the sense that they're much safer and easier to mass produce. It's not necessary for interested observers like us to organize and lobby in Washington (unless you want to, of course). It's enough to have this idea percolating in the back of your mind so that when it is proposed in the political arena, you can be among those who have heard about it and are receptive.


Vern Cornell said...

Here we go about facts:
in the USA
Electricity 50% coal, 20% nuc
Transportation 100% oil
Heating almost 100 % natgas

but GDP comes mostly from electricity and this is increasing

So, as nuclear energy replaces coal and then oil with H2, we will be CO2-in-the-atomsphere FREE.
Vern Cornell

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