Thursday, June 23, 2005

I'm attending a conference in Miami and you're not

To conclude this somewhat lengthy hiatus from maintaining my blog, I am currently attending a conference at Florida Internatinal University in Miami. The campus is pretty, with lots and lots of greenery. Unfortunately it has been rainy all week but I like Miami anyway. You can tell I grew up in the desert southwest of the United States by watching my reaction to the greenery in Maryland (even now) and the ubiquitous water in Florida. I'm not kidding: the drainage ditches are full of water and there are ponds all over the FIU campus. I even saw what was apparently a waterway cleaning boat this morning as the bus was taking us from the hotel to campus. It looked like it had a scoop on the front, much like garbage trucks have. I'm still trying to figure out how it might be used because there was no cargo area in the back into which the scooper might deposit branches and other detritus that might be clogging the drainage. Maybe it is used to simply remove the refuse from choke points and deposit it on the shore?

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