Thursday, August 26, 2004

John Kerry 1971 Testimony Before Congress To Be Aired on C-SPAN Tonight

C-SPAN will be showing the 22 April 1971 testimony of John Kerry, then a principal of Vietnam Veterans Against the War, to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. It will start at 8:05 pm, Eastern Daylight Time, after a showing of the latest Swiftboat Veterans ad at 8:00 pm. C-SPAN has shown the debate between Senator Kerry and John O'Neill on the Dick Cavett Show from 1971 at least twice (that I know of). During the course of that particular Dick Cavett show, I saw him make scurrilous accusations against his "Band of Brothers" and their commanders and U.S. war policy at the time. We all know the claimed nature of that scurrility so I won't bother repeating it now. I understand that he behaved similarly in his Senate testimony. It is that testimony that is claimed by the Swift Boat veterans to have led them to begin their advertising campaign against his presidential candidacy now, 33 years later.

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